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Bradley Royds Credits Page

Composer * Performer * Producer * Recording Artist

Songs/Score to Picture/Sound Design/Bands/Live Performance
Music, Bands & Solo Artist Projects

Pete & J
FreeFall UK: FFuk Cd: 2003 (RUniverse)
David Rice: 1998"Superman/GreenElectric" (Sony/Columbia)
Hoodoo Revelators (hoodoorev.com)
Che (MCA)
The Teeth
Mindy Johnson
Dianne Dobry
Kiki Wow
Pete Lindberg
Chelsea Berry
Frank Tedesco
Phil & The Blanks
Annette Farrington
Mile 21

Many other artists and Bands

Bradley Bands: Composer/Producer/Performer
The Acoustic Bomb
The High Court

The Acoustic Bomb: Everywhere late 1990's to NOW
Tommy: 2004: Stoneham Theater: Guitar
Scapin: Rock Musical: 2004: New Repertory Theater Boston: Guitar
2001 South Pacific tour with "Damaged Goods": For US Troops:Guitar/Vox
The High Court: Los Angeles 1990's
Peter Cox MTV Europe Video1998: Bass
The Friendship Choir 1990-1995: studio sessions and live: Miracle Legion/Dianne Reeves etc.
Boy George: 1989-90: Arsenio Hall Show and in concert: guitar
Homeward Bound: Folk Rock: Houston Texas: late 1970s
The Electric Space Blues Orchestra: Austin Texas 1980's
Hundreds of solo and band shows since age 7!

Live Sound/Mixing

Live Sound/Mixing:
Front of House & Monitors
Backline & Sound Coordination

Since 2009, Bradley has mixed numerous live shows for world class jazz, folk, rock and blues
legends including:

Dave Brubeck
Jay Geils
Jon Sebastian
Livingston Taylor
Jonathan Edwards
Paula Cole
James Montgomery
Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson
Joe Cotton
Kurt Elling
Hanneke Cassel
The Grace Kelly Quartet
Joe Lewis Walker
Regina Carter
Bill Charlap Trio
Henley Douglas & Soul Force V
The Bellevue Cadillac

The Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport Ma.

Concert Production:
The Harbor Loop Concert Series 2008 - 2011

Television Shows

High School Reunion 1 & 2(WB)
Northshore (WB)
Switched (ABC)
Playboy Search (Fox)
Making of the Band (MTV)
Becoming (MTV)
Dismissed (MTV)
Punk'd (MTV)
Road Rules (MTV)
Real World (MTV)
Extreme Challenge (MTV)
Battle of the Seasons (MTV)
Surfer Girls (MTV)
Suspect (MTV)
Sorority Life (MTV)
Fraternity Life (MTV)
Trigger Happy (Comedy Central)
NASCAR Animal Crew (Animal Planet)

More More More


The Radio Outlaws.   "socio-political alternative fuel for talk"
The Radio Outlaws airs Tuesdays 3:00pm to 5:00pm on WMFO 91.5FM (Boston). The show can be streamed live or downloaded from the WMFO.org website or from the public radio section of iTunes. Bradley Royds & Sven K host this wild-ride two hour show that has been described as 'socio-political alternative fuel for talk.' As they proudly proclaim 'we run on pure FM-All,' these silver tongued rogues invite you to join in the discussion at your own risk, because they might just kick you in the truth.    Listen to archive broadcasts.

The Danielle Lin Show. Alternative health talk radio.
Syndicated in Ca. 1990-1993
Show Producer. All theme, ad and bumper music

Video Games

Napoleon Dynamite
Sony PSP & Nintendo DS

Brunswick Pro Bowling
Sony Playstation2 & PSP

Lucas Arts Thrillville

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge
(Playstation2, PSP)

Hard Rock Casino
(Playstation2, PSP)

World Championship Poker
(Playstation2, XBox Live, XBox 360, Wii)

WWE "Smackdown"

WWE "Raw2"

WWE Wrestlemania XIX

Microsoft's RallySport Challenge
( X-Box).

Electronic Art's "Knockout Kings 2000"

Mattel's "Hotwheels-Turbo Racer": Electronic Arts (PlayStation/Nintendo)
Title track/score for Mattel's "Hotwheels" internet video and promo

THQ's Pride FC 2002:
With AndRoyd Audio affiliate B.West
& T.Manche

Fox: World's Craziest Police Chases 2002:
With AndRoyd Audio affiliate T.Manche


"Tommy" by The Who: Sept-Oct 2004:
Stoneham Theater:

"Compromise" by Isreal Horovits: 2004:
Directed by Michael Morris:
Sound Design

"Scapin" by Haddon Kime & Rick Lombardo : 2004:
New Repertory Theater: Boston:

"Spinning Into Butter" by Rabecca Gilman: 2004:
Directed by Eric Engle:
Sound Design

"Loman Family Picnic" by Donald Margulies: 2004:
Directed by Daniel Gidron:
Sound Design

"Assassins" by Stephen Sondheim: 1995: \
Los Angeles Repertory Theater:
Sound Design

Wax Works: 1994-200?: Annual "Living" Wax Show:
Annisquam, Mass:
various characters

Film/Hybrid Interactive

"Endless Summer II--The Ride".
Rocket Entertainment (Moving cinema 'ride').

"Still in Hollywood." Short Film:

"Critic's Choice": Short Film starring Veronica Cartwrite:
NY Film Fest. Sound

"Tacks Chicks" Dir. Jim Malconian (Jerky Boys).
American Film Institute: Sound.

"Effing the Ineffable" American Film Institute,

Montel Jordon 1998 MTV Video "I Can Do That":
Computer Tech.

Trailers, Promos & TV Ads

For: Warner Bros/Warner Home Video

• New Jack City
• Roger and Me
• Final Analysis
• Robinhood
• Free Jack
• Stephen King's "It"
• Executive Action
• Bonfire of the Vanities
• The Flash
Hard to Kill
Power of One
Men Don't Leave
• Gremlins II
• Hamlet
• Torn Apart
• Senatra MiniSeries
• NARM Warner Promo
• VSDA Warner Promo (2x)
• Under Siege
• Midnight Cabaret
• Blood Alley
• Sea Chase
• Valentines Releases
• Various Multi-title spots
• Christmas Vacation

• Running Scared: New Line Cinema 2006
• Coke
• Evian Water
• Side Out Sportswear
• Drugs Kill PSAs
• FreezeFrame Photo
• Alpine Car Stereo
• The Flash: MTV Europe Ads
• Christmas Vacation: MTV Europe Ads

PSA for the Dalai Lama's visit to Boston using Highway To Lhasa as the music bed.

Odds & Ends

Model: Lucky Strike billboard ads