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Highway to Lhasa

Highway to Lhasa

Produced by Frank Tadesco
Song by Frank Tadesco & Ramadu

Recorded and mixed by Scott Rodgers & Bradley Royds
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner, MWorks Mastering

Drums: Dave Mattocks
Bass: Bradley Royds
Guitar: Sal Baglio
Keys, Percussion etc: Steve Burke
Vocal: McKinley Odom
Backing Vox: Fly Amero et al (incomplete credits)

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Check out the PSA Bradley did for the Dalai Lama's visit to Boston using Highway To Lhasa as the music bed.

Bradley says:
This is one of Frank Tadesco's visions. He is very creative with this sort of theatrical endeavour.  Reworked his own lyrics over a Ramadu song. Great players front to back, and McKinley Odum  nailed the vocal.

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