Bradley Royds Theatre

has been involved in many aspects of the theatre scene on both coasts. He has created sound design and performed as a musician in some great theatre projects.

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Theatre Credits

by The Who: Sept-Oct 2004:
Stoneham Theater:
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"Compromise"by Isreal Horovits: 2004:
Directed by Michael Morris:
Sound Design

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"Scapin" by Haddon Kime & Rick Lombardo : 2004:
New Repertory Theater: Boston:
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"Spinning Into Butter" by Rabecca Gilman: 2004:
Directed by Eric Engle:
Sound Design

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"Loman Family Picnic" by Donald Margulies: 2004:
Directed by Daniel Gidron:
Sound Design
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"Assassins" by Stephen Sondheim: 1995:
Los Angeles Repertory Theater:
Sound Design

Theatre Score & Sound Design Cues

Below are a few of Bradleys Sound Design Cues

Toilet.mp3 - (Sound Design: Quite simply the finest toilet-flush sample of all time)
Assassins.mp3 - (Sound Design: Show be played in total darkness)
MayorShot.mp3 - (Sound Design: POV Radio reporter at Chicago Mayor Daly assasination attempt)
HangMan.mp3 - (Sound Design: The last sound you'll hear if you hang yourself...)


On set of TOMMY

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