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The Radio Outlaws aired Tuesdays 3:00pm to 5:00pm on WMFO 91.5FM, Boston.

Bradley Royds & Sven K hosted this wild-ride two hour show that has been described as 'socio-political alternative fuel for talk.' As they proudly proclaimed 'we run on pure FM-All,' these silver tongued rogues invited you to join in the discussion at your own risk, because they might just kick you in the truth.

The Radio Outlaws was born out of a series of impromptu political discussions which erupted between Bradley and Sven late night in the well stocked bars of Gloucester and Boston. These talks attracted small crowds and often turned into heated arguments...not always between Bradley & Sven, but rather often between the two and the crowd. The interesting thing about this pair is that they often tackle issues from totally different sides of the political spectrum, but they are able to come to agreements over some of the most divisive issues. They love to watch listeners squirm as they break the barriers of what is considered either liberal or conservative thinking.

Bradley explains, "we are thinking men, and rational thought overcomes the game of politics every time. We simply allow the truth to take its course."

Sven K adds, "Look, at the end of the day, we are just looking for a glass of beer or wine and whats good for America!"

The Radio Outlaws: Alternative Fuel for Talk...Running on pure FM-ALL!

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