Androyd Audio Highlights

Video Games

Thrillville (Lucas Arts),
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge,
Hard Rock Casino,
World Championship Poker,
WWE Raw, Smackdown,
Wrestlemania XIX (THQ/WWE)
Rally Sport Racer (Microsoft/Xbox)
KnockOut Kings 2000 (Electronic Arts)
Hotwheels TurboRacer (Electronic Arts/Mattel)
BruceLee 'Quest for the Dragon'  (Universal Interactive)
World's Scariest Police Chases 2 (Fox)
Pride FC (THQ)
Napoleon Dynamite
Brunswick Pro Bowling

Television Shows

High School Reunion 1 & 2(WB)
Northshore (WB)
Switched (ABC)
Playboy Search (Fox)
Making of the Band (MTV)
Becoming (MTV)
Dismissed (MTV)
Punk d (MTV)
Road Rules (MTV)
Real World (MTV)
Extreme Challenge (MTV)
Battle of the Seasons (MTV)
Surfer Girls (MTV)
Suspect (MTV)
Sorority Life (MTV)
Fraternity Life (MTV)
Trigger Happy (Comedy Central)
NASCAR Animal Crew (Animal Planet)

Television Commercials

Honda (3)
Wachovia Bank (2)
Ford Motors (2)
Optica Nueva
Malibu Speedboats
Body Elements
Pokemon (Cartoon Network)
Running Scared: New Line Cinema 2006

Bands & Solo Artists

FreeFall Uk (Ffuk Cd)
David Rice (Columbia)
AndRoyd (the band)
The High Court
Bradley ®
The Acoustic Bomb
Pete and J
Hoodoo Revelators

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