RUniverse is dedicated to the memory of:
Richard A. Royds Sr.


In RUniverse, it is our mission to:

• Promote creativity, entertainment, and all forms of artistic endevour.

• Discover, develop, and employ new revenue models and marketing plans that take advantage of peer-to-peer systems and exploit the vast potential of e commerce.

• Sell digital assets and income generating services online.

The R Universe Board of Directors

Bradley Royds

Bradley Royds is the
creator and President of Runiverse. He is also one of R principal stars. His resume and recordings speak for themselves. His music and his ability to compose, produce, record, and perform is phenomenal. Bradley has built his musical career independently, and boasts a lifetime of experience in the world of sound and song. See More of Bradley

Carleton Royds

Carleton Royds is an artistic guru of many talents. Carleton is one of the finest musicians around. His ability to play just about any instrument you hand him is truely inspiring. You can check out his lead guitar work on The High Court , and on Che's "A Child" (Ebow). This entire web site was designed by him, and a great deal of the artwork associated with Rstars is his.

Jeff Monzel

Jeff Monzel is creative liason and an art consultant for Runiverse. His career as a graphic artist, designer, and advertising specialist is highlighted by positions in major retail companies, deadline intensive news agencies, and big time Los Angeles PR firms. Jeff has developed artwork for numerous musical acts, and he has created and managed art and exibition work making him a valuable asset to Runiverse.